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Mobile Cranes in Africa

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Invest in the Right Mobile Cranes for Projects in Africa

One of the most versatile pieces of machinery in construction will always be the mobile crane. For projects in Africa in particular, mobile cranes have to be suited to the terrain and environment in which they work – they have to be able to travel from one destination to another, frequently over bad roads and other difficult surfaces, and they have to be able to operate under challenging climatic conditions, such as extreme heat or moisture. This means that if you are choosing mobile cranes for your project, you have to be very aware of what you expect from this investment.

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Mining Equipment for Rent

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3 Considerations When Choosing a Supplier from Whom to Rent Mining Equipment

Because mining is a major industry in Africa, and particularly in South Africa, it accounts for a large portion of the country’s GDP. Mining is big business, and there are many different companies in the country that provide mining equipment and earth moving machinery. This means that, if you are the person responsible for finding the correct mining equipment for rent or purchase, you will have a lot of choices, and this can sometimes be somewhat daunting.

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Liebherr Mobile Cranes

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Liebherr Mobile Cranes: Top Technology at Your Disposal

Mobile crane technology has reached new highs over the last decade, and Liebherr mobile cranes are some of the best examples of how far crane technology has developed. This means that cranes are now designed according to client concepts and requirements, and no time or money is spared to find the best application-driven solutions around. The concept of crane development has reached a stage where almost all things are possible, and engineers all over the world spend a lot of time and effort on finding the best solutions for all manner of environments.

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Mining Equipment for Rent

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4 Indisputable Advantages of Choosing Mining Equipment for Rent Instead of Buying

Any mining operation is just as effective as its machinery. It goes without saying that said machinery and equipment have to be highly functional and operational at all times, and keeping them in good shape is not only the responsibility of the operators, but also of the suppliers. While a lot of mining operations tend to purchase their own mining equipment and machinery, there are still a lot of them that rely on renting their equipment. There are many advantages associated with mining equipment for rent as opposed to buying these units. Here we discuss some of the benefits that your business will enjoy if you opt to rent your mining equipment rather than purchase it: Continue reading

Tractors for Sale in Africa

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Innovative and Durable Tractors for Sale from Kanu Equipment in Africa

Africa is known for its agriculture and forestry. Often these operations are located in areas that are relatively remote, which means that the tractors and other vehicles that are used on these sites have to be robust and durable, and they often have to be capable of travelling considerable distances on and around the worksite. The nature of cane fields or forestry operations often means that there is little room to manoeuvre, and tractors used for these operations have to be able to deal with very difficult terrain, while still being able to carry out their work in very limited space. Continue reading

Agriculture Equipment

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4 Important General Maintenance Tips for Agriculture Equipment

No country will be able to provide for its citizens without a healthy agricultural industry, and most agricultural processes are carried out by heavy-duty agriculture equipment. We all know that these machines are not cheap, and it is essential that they remain in good working order for as long as possible in order to perform their functions. Downtime or repairs should be minimised. These machines are a long-term investment, so it is essential that they are well maintained, serviced, and operated according to the manufacturer’s stipulations. Even more important is to ensure that they are safe to operate. Continue reading

Bell Dealer in Africa

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Kanu Equipment: Your Bell Dealer in Africa

Many countries are highly dependent on their agricultural industries, and South Africa is one of these. Not only do we need to meet our domestic need, but we are also central to a very large export market. Most of the land has been intensively farmed for around a century and sometimes the exhaustion of nutrients in the soil after this long process can cause low yields. The country is so vast, that farms are often very large.

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Forestry Equipment for Sale

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Factors to Consider When Looking at the Forestry Equipment for Sale 

Timber has been a life force for a long time, and is used for a wide range of applications as fuel, building material, art, and a variety of others. As a result, the commercial value of timber is also vast, and this means that the right equipment has to be sourced in order to get the best value and efficient service from the forestry equipment and machinery that you select.

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Agriculture Equipment

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Purchase High-Quality Agricultural Equipment from a Leading Supplier in Africa

Some very prominent industry leaders in agriculture source their agricultural equipment from Kanu Equipment because we are able to provide them with outstanding machinery and the newest innovations on the market. We have worked hard at building a solid reputation in agriculture for providing a range of machinery, forestry equipment, and heavy machinery for a range of different applications.

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Forestry Equipment for sale in Africa

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Wide Range of Forestry Equipment Available for Sale in Africa

In addition to providing a basic building material, fuel for cooking and heating, and a source of subsistence income for millions of the continent’s poor, timber also has great commercial value and so the demand for all forms of forestry equipment for sale in Africa remains high. In the past, trees were often simply harvested from wild sources with no attempt at husbandry but, today, concerns regarding the long-term sustainability of the industry have seen the introduction of more conservative methods by many companies. Nevertheless, the demand for timber remains high and so, in order to be competitive, they need to employ machinery that is both efficient and cost-effective. Continue reading