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Liebherr Mobile Cranes in Africa

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Lifting Mobility

When it comes to construction vehicles and their abilities, it is easy to understand why these vehicles are used for various construction tasks and why they have specific functions. Whether you need strong pushing power, ample rolling power, or capable lifting power, chances are that one of these machines can deliver exactly what you need on the construction yard. Should you be in the construction business in Africa and looking for a viable crane solution, Kanu Equipment offers a wide selection of Liebherr mobile cranes from which you can choose the ideal model with the functionality needed for your business. We offer one of the bigger selections of Liebherr mobile cranes in Africa to offer more options to our customers. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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Road Construction Equipment for Sale in Africa

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Quality Road Construction Machines

When it comes to the state of the roads in Africa, the situation depends on which country you find yourself in and where you are travelling. Some roads offer excellent asphalt surfaces, but they tend to run out and turn into muddy gravel roads and tracks only suited for off-road vehicles. At Kanu Equipment, we offer amongst the best road construction equipment for sale in Africa that would be ideal for any business looking to buy some to use in the harsh conditions of the African continent.

No matter where you need to construct roads in Africa, you will always need the most robust and durable machinery available to assist you in the tasks at hand, and this is why we arguably have the most comprehensive selection of road construction equipment for sale in Africa. With a wide variety of functions and applications, the task of constructing a new road with our selection of machines is made simple than ever before. Let’s have a closer look at some of the road construction equipment we offer for sale in Africa.

Soil and Rock 

Underneath every road, you will find compacted soil or rock that provides the foundation on which a road can be built. Should you be tackling the challenge of starting the construction of a brand-new road, the best place to start is with soil compactors and stabilisers to ensure that you create a strong and stable foundation on which to lay your road surface. With nature providing variable weather conditions throughout the year, regular soil and rock formations do not make for ideal foundations without first compacting and stabilising them. As a result, our selection of road construction equipment for sale in Africa also includes these machines to ensure that you can easily compact and stabilise various soil and rock surfaces to prepare the necessary foundation for your road.

Base Layer Construction 

This is where the first part of any proper road’s construction process starts. After ensuring that the surface area is stabilised and compacted in such a way that the road will have a perfectly level surface throughout, the next step is to lay the initial base layer of the road. We also offer road construction equipment to assist you in this task, giving you the necessary tools to ensure that your asphalt or concrete road has the optimum base from which you can continue to get to the final result. For concrete and asphalt paving and compaction, our selection of road construction equipment we offer for sale in Africa is ideal for businesses and companies seeking to pave high-quality roads and driving surfaces. We also offer a selection of road rehabilitation machines for sale, giving you the ability to breathe some much-needed life into some of the old roads in Africa.

At Kanu Equipment, we offer various machines for sale for the industrial sectors in Africa, whether you want road construction equipment, mining, equipment, or even forestry equipment that are durable and reliable enough to put to work in Africa. For more information, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly today. Choose Kanu and never be left without the right machinery again.

Mining Equipment for Rent

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Mining Equipment for Africa

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources, which translates into a strong mining industry in the modern era. Big mining companies have taken advantage of this over the years, with various rich deposits being identified and mined throughout the course of the last century, amongst them gold and diamonds, especially in the southern parts of the continent.

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Case Tractors in Africa

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Case Tractors in Africa

Farming is one of the most common livelihoods and careers in Africa, with countries such as Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa having rich soil of which farmers can take full advantage. The farming industry is one of the most demanding industries in the world, although many people may be oblivious to the fact. Every farmer needs an array of tools and machinery to maximise the potential output when harvesting times come around, as the fruits of the farmer’s toil serve as the main source of income to not only sustain the farm, but also the people living and working on it.

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Case Tractors in Africa

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Where to Get the Best Case Tractors in Africa

Agriculture is one of Africa’s main industries and millions across the continent rely on it for their livelihood. The fields tilled, however, are vast landscapes far removed from any kind of town or city or services, and the terrain can be very difficult negotiate. The climate can be severe, and it is therefore crucial to have machinery that can help to make farming and agricultural operations easier in these areas. Case tractors in Africa are commonly used because they can cope with the harsh demands of the landscapes and climate. Case tractors are also well known for reliability and a wide distribution network throughout the continent in terms of spares needed for maintenance and repairs. Continue reading

Tractors for Sale

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Why You Should Choose Bell Tractors for Sale from Kanu Equipment

The Bell Africa tractor range has established a solid reputation in the agricultural industry throughout the African continent over the last few decades. The reason for this is simple: This range of tractors is specifically designed and manufactured to deal with the harsh terrain and environmental conditions on the African continent. Regular clients choose Bell tractors because they believe that these latest, specialised machines provide the exact specifications to operate effectively and efficiently in their agricultural or forestry environments, and that increased value is offered by the fact that specifications of earlier models for sale have been combined into the newer models in order to offer better reliability and high-quality work. Continue reading

Mobile Cranes

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Advantages of Renting Mobile Cranes Instead of Buying Them

A good crane is an essential piece of equipment for building or construction projects, and the effectiveness and practicality of mobile cranes are becoming more obvious by the day. Most construction managers or building site workers are by now familiar with the benefits that mobile cranes provide when compared to a static crane. In the past, mobile cranes were not considered as strong or stable as static or fixed cranes, but their popularity has vastly increased over the last decade. Some of the benefits they provide include the following: Continue reading

Forestry Equipment for Rent

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Why High-Quality Forestry Equipment for Rent Is Important in South Africa

Forestry is a large industry in Africa, and particular in South Africa. Around 40 million hectares of the surface area of this country – about 1% – is dedicated to this industry, and a large budget is allocated to the management of natural and forestry resources throughout the country. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are created by this vast industry, and it is the livelihood of a large portion of the rural population in South Africa. Naturally, most of the forestry industry revolves around paper and pulp, and this provides further indirect job opportunities. The forestry industry in this country contributes between 1% and 2% of the annual national DGP, which is quite sizable for one industry! Continue reading

Case Tractors

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Harness the Power and Reliability of Case Tractors in African Agricultural Environments

It is no secret that the African landscape is a fertile, yet demanding agricultural landscape. Terrain is often difficult to negotiate, weather can be harsh, soil can be challenging to till, and many natural obstacles can stand in the way of getting the most from your agricultural operation. To be more effective in your farming operation, you will need machinery that is able to deal with the challenges presented. They have to be easy and safe to operate, performance has to be optimal, even in the toughest conditions, and reliability is a vital aspect. In addition to these characteristics, you need machinery that leaves little environmental impact in terms of its carbon footprint, and another major factor is fuel efficiency. You need machinery for your African agricultural operation that can deal with all your needs – and this is where Case tractors come in. Continue reading

Caterpillar Spares for Sale

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Get Better Value for Money When You Buy Caterpillar Spares for Sale in Africa

It is no secret that Caterpillar is one of the most popular heavy machinery brands out there, and South Africa is no exception. Many the leading construction and heavy machinery users out there look to our team at Kanu Equipment to provide them with the best value on the Caterpillar spares we offer for sale and, as a result, we have become well-known as one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty machinery and spares throughout the African continent. Our reach is not only limited to South Africa; we have partnered with a number of reliable and highly reputable companies situated strategically across the continent, and through this large and wide distribution network, we are able to provide Caterpillar spares for sale practically anywhere on the continent. We are proud of what we do, and our long history of excellent service in the industry, and our ability to meet the modern challenges that present themselves, set us apart from the competition. Continue reading