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Road Construction Equipment

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Looking for road construction equipment? Here are your options!

Road construction is a tough job. Not only does it require the minds of specialists, but the road construction equipment has to be tough as well. The majority of road construction projects depend on intensive labour that cannot always be managed effectively, and even an astute workforce needs help from machinery to make the job easier. Modern technology has made road construction projects a lot easier, and you can cut your project timelines by a significant amount if you use the correct road construction equipment. Continue reading

Tractors for Sale in Africa

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Looking at tractors for sale in South Africa? Kanu Equipment can help!

If you need a tractor for your agricultural or business of any other type, you have to get the best value for your money. Tractors are invaluable when it counts, but they are also costly investments. It may sometimes be better to rent than to buy but, for a lot of agricultural operations, the need for a tractor goes well beyond the seasonal needs, because they can perform a host of other functions besides that can make a lot of crucial tasks a lot easier to manage. Continue reading

Mining Equipment for Sale in South Africa

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Why You Should Choose Kanu Equipment for Your Mining Equipment

Purchasing mining equipment is serious business. The investment alone is huge, and choosing the right equipment for the purposes you have in mind is absolutely crucial to the success of your mining project. While people who are experienced in the mining industry are often better equipped to choose accurately and make well-informed decisions when it comes to selecting the appropriate mining equipment from all the options offered for sale in South Africa, those who are starting out or embarking on new mining projects may need expert advice. This is where we can add value. You cannot do without the expertise and industry experience that our team can provide! Continue reading

Road Construction Equipment for Rent

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Why Choosing Road Construction Equipment for Rent Will Benefit Your Business

Over the last ten years, there has been a significant increase in heavy equipment rentals, and this includes road construction equipment. There are now more providers of road construction equipment for rent, and it seems that the trend is here to stay. Questions are being asked about the most cost-effective options and many companies are choosing rental over buying for a variety of reasons. Like many other businesses in the road construction industry, you may be asking yourself whether you should rent or purchase your road construction equipment. Here we provide some insight into the industry and the choices that are available to you. Continue reading

Liebherr Mobile Cranes in Africa

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Why You Should Choose Kanu Equipment for Liebherr Mobile Cranes in Africa

Liebherr Africa was one of the first suppliers of Liebherr machinery and equipment outside of Germany. Since being founded in the late fifties, this company has been instrumental in solving many complicated and expensive transport problems throughout Africa. Since its inception, the range of Liebherr Mobile cranes in Africa has expanded significantly to deal with specific terrain and conditions inherent to Africa. Today, the company excels at providing a wide range of cranes, construction equipment, mining equipment and heavy-duty materials handling machinery throughout the continent. Continue reading

Agriculture Equipment in Africa

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Renting or Buying Agriculture Equipment in Africa

An important question that farmers or owners of agricultural operations in Africa regularly ask is whether they should rent or buy agriculture equipment. Agriculture is a huge industry in Africa, and where livestock is involved, most farms need to be tended to throughout the year. While others are more seasonal and entail processes that can only take place at certain times of the year. While many farmers used to purchase the farming equipment they needed, economic conditions have become tough and farming expensive. Some farmers and owners of agricultural operations therefore do not have the financial resources needed to purchase agriculture equipment outright. This means that renting the necessary equipment is the most accessible options for them. Continue reading

Top Brand Tractors for Sale in Africa

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Top Brand Tractors for sale in Africa from Kanu Equipment

A good tractor is one of the most important pieces of machinery in the agricultural industry. They are made to be hardy, to carry or pull heavy loads, and can automate many different processes that would otherwise have to be done by hand. In order to be successful, the tractors you choose have to be durable, powerful, and able to negotiate difficult terrain and withstand extreme climactic conditions. Of course, there are also the matters of operating costs and emissions, and the top brand tractors for sale in Africa today provide all the good qualities you need to run your agricultural operations smoothly. Continue reading

Forestry Equipment for Rent

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Should you choose forestry equipment for rent or purchase?

Your forestry business seriously needs some heavy-duty forestry equipment to fulfil your obligations. Perhaps you have just landed a large contract, or you are trying to improve your company’s capacity, or maybe you just need to replace some current unsatisfactory equipment. The question here is whether you should choose forestry equipment for rent or to buy? Of course, both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is really helpful to have a look at certain factors, and your business, before making a decision whether to rent or buy. Continue reading

Top Mobile Cranes Supplier in Africa

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Kanu Equipment: The Top Mobile Cranes Supplier in Africa

Mobile cranes are used all over the world for a wide variety of functions. Most buildings cannot be erected without the use of mobile cranes, and other projects, such as lifting containers from ships and getting bricks to higher levels on a construction site, will be virtually impossible without the use of cranes. Often, project managers have to make a choice between the type of crane they use, and these choices have to be based on the particular tasks that are assigned to the crane. The terrain might be rough, space might be limited, access might be restricted, and loads might be heavy. All of these contribute to the choice of cranes you will consider for the job. But never fear – the top mobile cranes supplier in Africa, Kanu Equipment, will always have what you need! Continue reading

Mobile Cranes in Africa

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Invest in the Right Mobile Cranes for Projects in Africa

One of the most versatile pieces of machinery in construction will always be the mobile crane. For projects in Africa in particular, mobile cranes have to be suited to the terrain and environment in which they work – they have to be able to travel from one destination to another, frequently over bad roads and other difficult surfaces, and they have to be able to operate under challenging climatic conditions, such as extreme heat or moisture. This means that if you are choosing mobile cranes for your project, you have to be very aware of what you expect from this investment.

Continue reading