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Bell Dealer in Africa

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Bell Machinery

When it comes to supplying heavy-duty Bell equipment in Africa, Kanu Equipment is at the forefront of the industry, being one of the largest suppliers of Bell machinery in the eastern, western, and central parts of Africa. We offer a wide variety of equipment for sale to the continent, so our clients have the peace of mind that their needs are met in various industries, including mining, forestry, agriculture, construction, and earth moving. Bell offers viable options in various sectors of the industry, and we will be looking at some class-leading models and how they can work to your advantage for your business, regardless of where in Africa you are operating from. Continue reading

Liebherr Mobile Cranes

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Liebherr Lifting Equipment

Kanu Equipment provides a wide range of heavy-duty machines for sale in Africa, covering most of the industrial sector on the continent and consisting of earthmoving, road construction, mining, forestry, and mobile lifting equipment. Our range of mobile cranes includes a series of Liebherr machinery that is not only versatile, but able to travel on their own to where you need them to be. Continue reading

Mobile Cranes

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Mobility and Strength

Mobile cranes have been around the construction sector for quite some time thanks to their mobility and ease of use. Some of these machines are unusually proportioned and sized to allow for incredible lifting feats and strength, resulting in a trustworthy workhorse that can be used in various applications. Looking at the African industry, we find that construction, forestry, mining, and earthmoving have always plays important roles in the continent’s demand for quality machines. Continue reading

Tractors for Sale

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We Have a Range of Case Tractors for Sale

When it comes to all the types of tractors that are for sale in Africa, Kanu Equipment offers a wide range of different brands and models for our clients. Our selection of Bell machinery includes articulated and haulage tractors, with our selection of agricultural tractors wearing the Case IH signature red livery and brand logo. Apart from agricultural machinery, Kanu also offers a range of machines for other industries such as mining, forestry, road construction, and earthmoving. Continue reading

Mining Equipment for Sale

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African Mining

When it comes to industrial activity in Africa, mining stands out as a favourite, especially in the southern parts of the continent. Africa holds many buried treasures – from rich gold deposits to some of the world’s biggest diamonds – meaning that some of the biggest mining operations take place on the continent. These operations use various forms of mining equipment to ensure that they can perform their daily routines without a hitch. Continue reading

Forestry Equipment for Sale

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Into the Forest

Forestry is a very large industry in Africa, with many types of wood being harvested from various corners of the continent. To maximise the output of a forestry business, you need the ideal fleet of machinery to ensure that your projects are in good mechanical hands for optimal results. Time can also be of the essence in this industry, requiring machinery that does not only work efficiently, but also swiftly, saving valuable time in the process. Continue reading

Liebherr Mobile Cranes in Africa

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Lifting Mobility

When it comes to construction vehicles and their abilities, it is easy to understand why these vehicles are used for various construction tasks and why they have specific functions. Whether you need strong pushing power, ample rolling power, or capable lifting power, chances are that one of these machines can deliver exactly what you need on the construction yard. Should you be in the construction business in Africa and looking for a viable crane solution, Kanu Equipment offers a wide selection of Liebherr mobile cranes from which you can choose the ideal model with the functionality needed for your business. We offer one of the bigger selections of Liebherr mobile cranes in Africa to offer more options to our customers. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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Road Construction Equipment for Sale in Africa

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Quality Road Construction Machines

When it comes to the state of the roads in Africa, the situation depends on which country you find yourself in and where you are travelling. Some roads offer excellent asphalt surfaces, but they tend to run out and turn into muddy gravel roads and tracks only suited for off-road vehicles. At Kanu Equipment, we offer amongst the best road construction equipment for sale in Africa that would be ideal for any business looking to buy some to use in the harsh conditions of the African continent. Continue reading

Mining Equipment for Rent

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Mining Equipment for Africa

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources, which translates into a strong mining industry in the modern era. Big mining companies have taken advantage of this over the years, with various rich deposits being identified and mined throughout the course of the last century, amongst them gold and diamonds, especially in the southern parts of the continent.

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Case Tractors in Africa

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Case Tractors in Africa

Farming is one of the most common livelihoods and careers in Africa, with countries such as Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa having rich soil of which farmers can take full advantage. The farming industry is one of the most demanding industries in the world, although many people may be oblivious to the fact. Every farmer needs an array of tools and machinery to maximise the potential output when harvesting times come around, as the fruits of the farmer’s toil serve as the main source of income to not only sustain the farm, but also the people living and working on it.

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