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Agriculture Equipment in Africa

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Renting or Buying Agriculture Equipment in Africa

An important question that farmers or owners of agricultural operations in Africa regularly ask is whether they should rent or buy agriculture equipment. Agriculture is a huge industry in Africa, and where livestock is involved, most farms need to be tended to throughout the year. While others are more seasonal and entail processes that can only take place at certain times of the year. While many farmers used to purchase the farming equipment they needed, economic conditions have become tough and farming expensive. Some farmers and owners of agricultural operations therefore do not have the financial resources needed to purchase agriculture equipment outright. This means that renting the necessary equipment is the most accessible options for them.

When it comes to choosing whether to rent or buy agriculture equipment in South Africa, there are pros and cons to both. Firstly, if a piece of equipment will only be needed during particular times of the year, it must be stored while it sits idle for the rest of the year. This means that the asset will depreciate and that a lot of money is spent on something that is only of use at certain times. On the other hand, renting can be a problem during a busy season where the necessary equipment may be in short supply. It is not always possible to schedule harvesting time down to the day or week, because so many other factors influence it. This means that, even if the required agriculture equipment was booked months in advance, it may not be possible to use it, perhaps due to rain, drought, availability of labour, or other factors that influence the time of harvest.

Whether one should rent or buy agriculture equipment in Africa or South Africa depends on the type of operation, the type of machinery needed, available finances, environmental circumstances, and storage capacity. African farmers, however, can be very entrepreneurial and sometimes purchase agriculture equipment outright as a group, sharing it across operations in and out of season.

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