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Agriculture Equipment Ranges

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The Biggest Range of Equipment for Agriculture

Agriculture is a major industry on the African continent. The rich soil gives farmers ample arable land for planting crops and raising livestock. Any farmer will confirm that agriculture needs quality equipment to do the job. With such a large agriculture industry in Africa, the demand is high for these types of machines. Tractors are commonly used on farms because they are so adaptable, and they are used to haul various loads around the farm. They are also useful for towing irrigation racks, ploughs, and several other farming equipment. Therefore, tractor engines should produce enough torque to deliver enough pulling force.

Tractors were invented and mass-produced in Europe before they came to Africa. Italian companies such as Lamborghini made their name in the tractor business. The Americans also joined in on the venture and today, various tractor manufacturing plants are located across the globe. Kanu Equipment provides a range of tractors to Africa from Italian manufacturer, Case IH. These tractors feature unmistakable red paint and are agriculture stalwarts. Kanu has an expansive range of Case IH tractors to choose from. We will briefly cover some of them today.

Not every farm needs a heavy-duty tractor. Sometimes, a smaller model is adequate for its intended tasks. Case’s Quantum range provides 12 models of smaller tractors that range from 65 to 106 hp. With a narrow design, they are ideal for fruit-plantation operation, such as in vineyards. For a more versatile approach, there are several Farmall models. These tractors are perfect for almost any application in agriculture. The Farmall A range has four models, ranging from 110 to 140 hp. These models are designed to handle a plethora of agriculture applications, with versatility being their focus.

If you need a heavy-duty tractor, the Magnum Rowtrac range is for you. Case replaced the rear wheels on these tractors with crawler tracks. This grants more mobility over various terrains. This range features five models, ranging from 311 to 379 hp. If that is not enough, we move on to the Steiger and Quadtrac ranges. These tractors are large and powerful and there are nine models to choose from. They range from 406 to 608 hp and will do any task that requires brawn and power.

Kanu Equipment offers an exhaustive range of tractors for agriculture from Case IH. We also offer other agriculture equipment, including articulated tractors and haulage machinery. For more information, please browse through our website to find specifications and other useful information. Choose Kanu Equipment for all your agriculture-machinery needs and let us provide quality machines for your farm.