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Personal Details

Your experience with Kanu Equipment

Has Kanu Equipment met with your expectations?

Please rate how likely you are to recommend Kanu Equipment to a third party based on your experience:
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Please rate your overall experience with Kanu Equipment in terms of service delivery:
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How would you rate Kanu to its competitors?
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Your satisfaction with Kanu Equipment

Please rate your satisfaction with Kanu Equipment on the following statements:
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Having the confidence that my equipment will be delivered on schedule

Spares quotes are received in an acceptable time frame

Machine orders are received appropriate leadtime

It is easy to contact the staff

My requirements are processed immediately

Systems and processes are streamlined

Kanu Equipment effectively communicates to me, in time, on matters relating to my requirements

Kanu Equipment immediately addresses any issues

Spares delivery time is acceptable

Kanu Equipment’s maintenance team is reliable

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