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Agriculture Equipment Supplied by Kanu Equipment

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Equipment for Agriculture

 Specialised equipment for agriculture is necessary for a farming business to be successful. Without the proper equipment to work the land, there will be no suitable soil for crops to grow or farm animals to graze. Farming equipment also includes heavy-duty machinery to mould and shape the land. These machines can deliver the power and functionality you need for your farming applications. Tractors are an obvious choice regarding land preparation. They range in power, size, and weight, depending on their intended task.

Tractors are available in a wide range of designs to fulfil a plethora of functions. Kanu Equipment is an industrial machinery supplier in Africa. Our exhaustive range of machinery includes a section specifically for agricultural equipment. This section includes articulated tractors and tractors for agriculture. Our range of tractors designed for agriculture includes the Case IH series made in Italy. Our selection of articulated tractors is manufactured by Bell and delivers versatile machines for the farm. Today, we will focus on these articulated tractors and the functionality they bring to the world of agriculture.

Bell’s Articulated Tractors

 Bell machinery is usually be focused on construction. However, their range of articulated tractors lean more towards farm applications. This does not take away anything from their construction-vehicle heritage. Bell specialises in creating machines that have excellent off-road ability and this includes optimisation of power transmission to the wheels for maximum traction, as well as optimising the chassis and suspension to handle uneven terrain. The results speak for themselves.

Bell’s articulated tractors are very capable in the field of agriculture. Their engines develop a lot of torque and this allows them to easily pull very heavy agricultural equipment around on the farm. As a result, they are perfect for hooking up large plough rack and preparing a piece of land for planting season. They can also be used for irrigation racks and transporting other heavy equipment.

Kanu offers three models in this range, starting with the 2304E. This machine has a gross combined mass of 56,2 t. It produces 160 kW of power and 810 N⋅m of torque. The 2806E offers a more powerful machine on a chassis that weighs 200 kg less than the 2304E. The 2806E has a maximum power output of 205 kW and delivers a total of 1100 N⋅m of torque to provide ample pulling power for any job. The big one in the range is the 4206D. This machine weighs just over 93 t and produces 315 kW of power. It also puts out a hefty 2000 N⋅m of torque. This grants the machine the ability to pull almost anything on the farm, including very heavy agricultural equipment. Kanu also features cane loaders, haulage and tandem tractors, and forklifts within our selection of equipment designed for agriculture.

If you need a supplier of industrial machinery in Africa, choose Kanu Equipment. We offer equipment for construction, forestry, and agriculture. We also offer aftermarket spares for these machines. For more information on our extensive selection of equipment for agriculture and other sectors, please browse our website for images and specifications. Choose us today and take advantage of our selection of machines for the industrial sectors in Africa.