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Case Tractors Supplied by Kanu Equipment

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Case Tractors in Africa

 Agriculture is thriving on the African continent. Large parts of the continent have ideal climatic conditions for farming, making it a backbone for exports from here to the rest of the world. Kanu Equipment offers a variety of equipment for agriculture in Africa. We also offer a wide selection of industrial equipment for industries like construction, forestry, and mining. To maintain these machines, we offer a variety of aftermarket supplies and parts as well.

Included in our selection of equipment for agriculture, we feature tractors from Case IH. These tractors are manufactured in Italy and offer proven quality and reliability. It is also notable that Italy manufactures some of the most mechanically exceptional machinery in the world, and not just in agriculture. Kanu Equipment features an all-inclusive selection of Case tractors for the African market. These tractors are designed to suit specific applications on the farm and all the different ranges ensure that you will find an ideal model as per your requirements. Today, we will look at some of these ranges and the available models from Kanu Equipment.

Our Selection of Case IH Tractors

 Case’s wide range of agricultural tractors features an extensive selection of farming machinery. The selection starts with the Quantum V/N range. It is a narrow and small tractor-body design for easy operation in narrowly planted fields. They are compact and agile and therefore focused on finesse, not huge power. Kanu offers 12 models in this range, ranging from 65 hp to 106 hp in power.

Case’s Farmall ranges are particularly versatile on the farm. Kanu Equipment features three Farmall ranges to give our clients a spectrum of machinery to choose from. The Farmall ranges begin with the Farmall JX series. This series features six tractors, ranging from 65 to 110 hp power output. The Farmall JXM series offers two models with a choice between 2WD and 4WD to cope with specific surface conditions. 2WD models are adequate for the majority of jobs and they are lighter and more nimble. 4WD tractors, on the other hand, are ideal for handling rough and slippery terrain. These tractors will maintain traction for far longer on slippery surfaces.

The Maxxum and Puma ranges are the larger and more powerful Case IH tractors. They focus on heavier-duty functionality like towing heavy farm equipment. When we look at the super-heavy-duty Case tractors, we find the Magnum, Steiger, and Quadtrac ranges. The Magnum range include a Rowtrac variant that replaces the rear wheels with crawler tracks. These crawler tracks are more suited to low-grip surfaces. They can also assist in pulling very heavy farm equipment such as irrigation racks. The Steiger and Quadtrac series offer double-wheeled models that range between 406 and 608 hp. These Case tractors offer 4WD and will keep going in difficult conditions.

We have a large selection of Case IH tractors. We can supply your farm with some much-needed agriculture machinery as well. For more information on these tractors, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications. Choose Kanu Equipment today as your supplier of Case tractors in Africa.