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Quality CTP Products

Caterpillar industrial machinery is well-known in the industrial sector. Their machines are used in a wide variety of industries; these range from basic construction machinery to heavy-duty crawler excavators. With such a wide range of quality industrial vehicles, most industrial businesses use CAT machines in their fleets. The same rings true for the industrial sector in Africa. Industrial vehicles bring with them additional requirements specific to industrial machinery; mostly, they need proper maintenance and care to keep running and working.

As with any other vehicle or machine, industrial vehicles are mechanical devices. Therefore, they are susceptible to wear over time and therefore require maintenance. A lot of parts work together to form a working machine. Should one of these parts cease to operate, the machine can break down. This can be a very costly scenario for any industrial business that relies heavily on its machinery. Caterpillar machinery has proven their reliability and durability, but it does not make their parts indestructible. Every mechanical part has the potential to fail or wear out. Therefore, it is pivotal to have a sustainable and trustworthy parts supplier.

Kanu’s Caterpillar Parts Solution

Kanu Equipment is a supplier of industrial equipment in Africa. On top of that, we also supply aftermarket parts for industrial machines. For Caterpillar equipment, we offer a range of quality CTP products suitable for Caterpillar machinery. CTP started operating in 1980, giving them a track record of almost 40 years in the industry. They are a worldwide supplier of quality aftermarket parts specifically designed for CAT machinery. With a trustworthy brand that sells parts in more than 140 countries across the world, you can be assured of the quality of their products.

CTP offers a warranty of 1000 hours or six months of operation on their parts. In terms of aftermarket industrial parts, CTP offers an large selection as well. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that, when your Caterpillar machine breaks down, CTP has a solution. With Kanu Equipment on your side, you have access to CTP parts in Africa. Now, you can use your Caterpillar machinery with the knowledge that, when a part fails, you can easily replace it with a quality-guaranteed part.

Kanu Equipment offers a large variety of industrial machinery for the African industrial sector. Our selection includes earthmoving vehicles, road-construction machinery, tower cranes, mobile cranes, and agricultural tractors, to only name a few; manufacturers include Bell, Liebherr, and Tigercat machinery. Together with our selection of aftermarket parts suppliers, Kanu Equipment is a superb choice amongst the industrial machinery suppliers in Africa. Our parts and machines can make a difference in your work fleet as well.

No matter how you run your industrial business, you will need a trustworthy supplier for machinery and parts. Kanu Equipment covers a large area of the African continent. With quality aftermarket parts for Caterpillar machines from CTP, you can rest assured that we have the solutions when your CAT machine breaks down or requires maintenance. For more information, feel free to browse our website for details. Choose Kanu as your industrial machinery supplier in Africa today.