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Construction Equipment Supplied by Kanu Equipment

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Construction Equipment for Any Job

The construction industry demands the best vehicles and machinery. Africa has a plethora of construction businesses and contractors that need reliable suppliers. This is where Kanu Equipment delivers workable solutions. Our range of construction equipment is vast and features quality brand names to choose from, such as Bell. At Kanu, you will find specialised construction vehicles as well as standardised designs. Therefore, we can supply your business with the construction equipment needed to take on large and small projects.

Africa can serve up harsh weather and heavy-duty machinery can suffer under these conditions. Kanu Equipment offers a viable selection of parts for these machines. Unfortunately, mechanical devices such as vehicles will eventually need spares, no matter how well you look after them. Whether it is the elements or a rough work terrain, construction equipment will eventually need maintenance and reliable replacement parts. Today, we will delve into some of Kanu’s selections regarding construction equipment. These machines are tailored to suit specific applications.

Kanu’s Selection of Construction Equipment

Articulated dump trucks are often taken for granted. These machines are designed to carry heavy loads and dump them at designated dumpsites. People often overlook their versatility, thinking these trucks are limited to a certain sector or industry, while in fact they are viable options for construction, mining, and almost any industry where heavy loads need to be loaded and removed from the area. Kanu Equipment features a range of Bell articulated dump trucks and other construction equipment that are perfect for unforgiving Africa, whether it is in construction or the mining industry.

Bell is a well-known manufacturer of industrial machinery. Their vehicles feature their unmistakable yellow livery with the iconic Bell logo to let everyone know that it is a Bell machine. Their range of articulated dump trucks consists of nine trucks, covering a range of power outputs and rated payloads. This allows our customers to make a choice based on their specific requirements. Bigger isn’t always better regarding construction equipment. Thus, having a choice in size is important for many construction projects. Our range of Bell articulated dump trucks feature best-in-class off-road ability, comfort, and ease of operation. These trucks also have onboard weighing functionality and remote production monitoring to optimise their daily operations.

The range kicks off with the B18E. This dump truck has a rated load capacity of 18 t. Just by looking at the sizeable payload, it is understandable why these trucks are valuable assets to any construction fleet. The B18E produces 160 kW of power, along with 810 N⋅m of torque. A large amount of torque is needed to create the pulling force to move these loads, and the B18E has an abundance of it.. It is more important to have a lot of torque than ultimate power. The B20E also has the same amount of power output and rated payload capacity.

The B25E lifts the bar a little with a rated payload of 24 t. This piece of construction equipment puts out a total of 205 kW. It also breaks into four figures with its torque output, hitting an impressive 1100 N⋅m. If that still is not enough for your requirements, the B30E can carry 28 t. It produces 240 kW and 1300 N⋅m of torque. These trucks are very versatile, allowing them to adapt to specific work environments with ease. If you need heavy-duty dump trucks, the rest of the range delivers a range of additional options. These include the B40E, which has a rated load capacity of 39 t. It produces 380 kW of power to get to a massive 2380 N⋅m of torque. Jumping up the ladder, the B50E is a superb machine for construction and mining purposes. It can handle a payload of 45,4 t. It also produces a whopping 430 kW and 2750 N⋅m of torque. That is enough pulling power for any job!

Kanu Equipment offers a large selection of construction equipment to choose from. We also offer a spectrum of industrial equipment for forestry, mining, and agriculture in Africa. If you need more information, our website has images and detailed specifications on these machines. Choose us today for all your industrial-equipment needs in Africa and take advantage of our selection of machines and replacement parts for your business.