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Liebherr Equipment in Africa

Construction equipment are purpose-built machines used on a construction site. Basic functions such as digging or carrying large loads are often needed for construction purposes. Other aspects, such as off-road ability, may also form part of the picture. Therefore, vehicle of specialised design are required. These machines are designed to operate optimally in the construction environment. Whether it has a rear-mounted engine to improve front lift stability, or a raised cabin to improve operator visibility, every construction vehicle is uniquely optimised.

Liebherr is a manufacturer of such vehicles. Their brand is internationally recognised and stands for quality and efficiency. Liebherr offers a myriad of industrial machinery to choose from, including a selection of construction vehicles. Kanu Equipment is a supplier of Liebherr equipment in Africa, where the construction industry has always been thriving. But construction in Africa is also very challenging; therefore, having the right machinery on your side will work to your benefit. Today, we will have a closer look at Kanu’s selection of Liebherr construction vehicles.

Liebherr Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles gives you access to different functions that can assist you in a construction project. For example, Liebherr’s range of crawler loaders can be the ideal workhorses for earthmoving and digging jobs. Running on crawler tracks, these machines can easily travel over most surfaces without getting stuck. This gives them the advantage of reaching most locations with ease. Liebherr’s crawler loaders are hydrostatically driven, with their diesel engines mounted at the back of the vehicle. As a result, the loader is heavier in the rear, which stabilises the front end of the vehicle for optimised bucket operation.

Kanu offers three Liebherr crawler loaders to choose from, starting with the LR 624 Litronic. This machine has an operating weight of between 16,89 and 18,55 t, depending on the load being carried by the front bucket. The engine produces 105 kW to grant enough power and torque to efficiently do its job without fuss. The front bucket capacity goes up to 1,8 m³, with a maximum travel speed of 10 km/h. Its biggest brother is the LR 634 Litronic. This machine has an increased bucket capacity of (up to 2,4 m³), with a higher power output of 129 kW.

Kanu Equipment also offers other Liebherr construction vehicles. Wheeled loaders and excavators make for very useful earthmoving and construction equipment. Liebherr’s range of wheeled excavators offers useful digging tools and operating functionality for engineering purposes on construction sites. These machines are useful for specific tasks that require precision and finesse. They are also viable options for use in landscaping and water management.

Liebherr also offers wheel loaders in this category. These loaders feature large front-mounted buckets for earthmoving purposes. They are cost-effective to run as well, thanks to their efficiency; they consume up to 25% less fuel than some of their rivals from other manufacturers. Kanu Equipment offers a wide selection of Liebherr equipment in Africa. Our website contains all the details on these industrial vehicles. Contact us today with any further enquiries. Kanu Equipment can provide the necessary industrial equipment to take your business in Africa to the next level.