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Mining and Construction Equipment for Africa

Mining and construction are both very active industries on the African continent. Africa offers rich soil that is conducive to mining and agricultural operations. Construction sites are a natural result of development projects on the continent. With these thriving industries, the demand for the correct equipment is obvious. Kanu Equipment meets that demand with an all-encompassing range of machinery for these industries. Mining and construction commonly include earthmoving as well and this creates a need for loading vehicles in both sectors.

Kanu Equipment has feasible options to serve as loading machinery. Our range of mining and construction machinery also includes crushers and compactors. Bell and Liebherr machinery are quality-made and durable to withstand harsh African conditions. These machines are featured in our mining and construction category. We also stock industrial machinery for forestry and agriculture. Today, we will focus on articulated dump trucks from Bell. These trucks are useful in the mining and construction environments. They can greatly boost the efficiency of your vehicle fleet.

Bell Articulated Dump Trucks

Bell is a giant in industrial machinery manufacturing. Their iconic logo and yellow paint give the operator peace of mind when climbing into one of these machines. Bell’s range of articulated dump trucks offers many models. These trucks have fantastic off-road mobility, but they also offer optimal comfort levels and ease of operation. Onboard weighing is just one of the useful features at your fingertips when operating one of these trucks and the body design optimises visibility. The range begins with the B18E. This dump truck produces 214 hp and 810 Nm of torque. Its rated payload is 18 t.

If you need a bigger model, the B25E takes it up a notch. Producing 274 hp and 1100 Nm of torque, this dump truck can haul 24 t with ease. The B30E is a prime example of highly capable mining and construction machinery. It produces 322 hp and 1300 Nm of torque, so this truck can haul a 28-t load with ease. In these situations, high torque is more important than the power output. This powerful dump truck is extremely versatile and can haul huge loads as well.

The B35E jumps to a new level of sophistication. This dump truck produces 429 hp and 2100 Nm of torque. These impressive torque figures result in a rated payload of 33,5 t. The B45E sets the benchmark for medium- to heavy-duty dump trucks. It produces 523 hp and 2 460 Nm of total torque. Therefore, it has a rated payload of no less than 41 t. The biggest model in the range of the B60E. Producing a very impressive 577 hp and 2750 Nm of torque, this machine can carry a full 55 t on its back. It combines strength and size to give you an unstoppable articulated dump truck for mining and construction applications.

Kanu Equipment has an all-inclusive range of industrial machinery. We cover mining, construction, forestry, and agriculture for businesses in Africa. If you require more information on these machines, please peruse our website for detailed specifications. If you ever need industrial machinery, choose Kanu Equipment. Our equipment will fit your requirements and provide all the solutions you need.