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Mining Equipment for Sale in Africa

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Mining Equipment for Sale in Africa – by Kanu Equipment

Mining plays an important role in the industrial sector of Africa, with many rare minerals and gems mined on the continent. Anything from regular coal to valuable gold and diamonds are still being mined across Africa, with thousands of mines to ensure that every rare resource can be accessed and extracted for the earth below.

Should you be looking for quality mining equipment for sale in Africa, Kanu Equipment offers a variety to choose from, including articulated dump trucks, crushers, excavators, and crawler tractors to ensure that your work fleet of machinery offers the versatility you need to complete almost any task. Mining offers a challenging and demanding work environment; add the harsh African environmental conditions to that and you need quality mining equipment that can withstand a tough environment and offer durability and reliability you need to tackle daily tasks with confidence. Today, we will have a closer look at the range of Liebherr mining equipment we offer for sale in Africa, focusing on mining excavators.

Liebherr Mining Equipment for Sale in Africa

The mining industry make use of earthmoving equipment to ensure that the ground being dug up in the mines can be transported to designated areas. Earthmoving equipment is designed specifically to take care of this task, with models being designed and built specifically for mining implementation. This is where the range of Liebherr’s mining excavators for sale in South Africa from Kanu offers versatility and efficiency for the mining industry, as we start with the 9150.

This model produces a total power output of 565 kW, with an operating weight of 128 t and a bucket capacity of 8,3 m³. The range scales through four models to the biggest version – the 9350. With an astonishing power output of 1120 kW and a bucket capacity of 18 m³, you will have all the power and capacity to move mountains of rubble without breaking a sweat. With an operating weight of 302 t, this piece of mining equipment will provide optimal stability during operation, giving you the ability to get the job done in double time.

For more information on Kanu’s comprehensive range of mining equipment for sale in Africa, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and photos, or contact us with any further enquiries. Choose Kanu Equipment today and enjoy a wide range of industrial machinery for Sale on the African continent.