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Mining Equipment Supplied by Kanu Equipment

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Construction, Agricultural, and Mining Equipment

 Of these, mining equipment usually includes large and abnormally shaped machines. These machines are critical to daily mining operations and with their unique designs, they can do specific jobs in mining applications. Africa has a large and very active mining industry. Rare and valuable materials such as gold and diamonds are mined on the African continent.

With the industry still thriving today, mines regularly need new equipment to continue operating. Kanu Equipment is a supplier of mining equipment in Africa and our selection of mining machines provides an all-encompassing line-up of models to choose from. We feature well-known brands in in the shape of Bell and Liebherr, but we also feature aftermarket parts and spares for when these machines require maintenance or replacement parts. Today, we will focus on our selection of Liebherr mining equipment. These machines are designed to do specific jobs in the mining environment.

Liebherr Mining Equipment

 Mining excavators play an important role in daily mining operations. These machines are used to dig into the crust of the Earth. They can be used to enlarge excavations, create new excavations, or clear collapsed ground from existing excavations. They are large, heavy, and designed to do a specific job. Our selection of Liebherr mining excavators are optimised to minimise your cost per tonne of excavating ground handled. Liebherr’s range of mining excavators offer comfort, performance, simple operation, and ease of service.

Kanu Equipment features a selection of four models in Liebherr’s excavator range. We start with the R 9150. This piece of mining equipment has an operating weight of 128 t. It produces a maximum of 565 kW and has a rated bucket capacity of 8,3 m³. The R 9200 is next in line. This excavator has an operating weight of 205 t to ensure its stability and balance when carrying a full bucket. It produces 810 kW and has a bucket capacity of 12,5 m³. The R 9250 offers small incremental increases over the R 9200; it produces 960 kW of power. Its operating weight on it is rated at 250 t, with a maximum bucket capacity of 15 m³.

The largest excavator in the range brings us to the R 9350. This machine has an operating weight of 302 t. This grants optimal operational stability to the excavator. It also keeps the body in place while digging into the ground with its bucket that can hold 18 m³. The engine produces 1120 kW of power. If you need a mining excavator that has the power, stability, and functionality to move mountains, the R 9350 is an ideal choice.

Kanu Equipment offers a variety of mining equipment that includes a selection of Liebherr, Bell, and Wirtgen machinery. Our website has images and specifications on these pieces of mining equipment, so have a look if you need more details. Choose Kanu Equipment as your supplier of mining and any other industrial machinery in Africa. We offer an extensive selection to suit your requirements. We also offer aftermarket parts for when the equipment requires maintenance or breaks down.