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Find Top-Quality Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are used to lift very heavy loads. This ability makes them popular in heavy-duty industrial applications. The concept of cranes is simple, yet effective, and counterbalanced cranes date back to ancient times. Since then, cranes have been continuously refined. Though the modern crane looks nothing like the original model, it still works on the same counterbalance principle. This optimises the crane’s lifting capability and stability while dealing with heavy loads.

Kanu Equipment offers a large selection of mobile cranes. Our range of crawler track cranes is ideal for heavy-duty applications. They use lattice booms and this makes them similar to operate as tower cranes. With compact dimensions and excellent mobility, this range of crawler track cranes will provide the necessary lifting power. Our range of Liebherr crawler track cranes consists of 15 models, so you will always be able to find the perfect model for your requirements. Today, we will delve into details of these cranes. We will also highlight their advantages over stationary tower cranes.

Liebherr Lattice Boom Cranes

These crane models use crawler tracks to give them optimal mobility on almost any terrain. They also use lattice booms for optimal reach and lifting ability. In fact, our range of Liebherr crawler track cranes offer several versatile models and they are consequently very popular around the world. The LR 1110 kicks off this range of lattice-boom cranes. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 110 t. It can also reach a maximum lift height of 57 m. At first glance, these specifications are impressive for a mobile crane.

The LR 1130 is the next logical step up in the range. Its boom allows the crane to reach a maximum lifting height of 84 m; its maximum lifting capacity is 137 t. The LR 1200 provides even more strength. With a lifting capacity of 220 t, this mobile tower crane is ideal for many industrial applications. It has a maximum lifting height of 95 m to add to its abilities. The LR 1300 is better still – this crane can lift 300 t. It can also reach a maximum lift height of 115 m.

The LR 1400/2 takes it to 400 t lifting capacity and its lattice boom allows for a maximum lift height of 120 m. If you need more lifting capability, the LR 1600/2 takes it to a very impressive lifting capacity of 600 t. The LR 1600/2 can reach a maximum lift height of 152 m. For serious heavy-duty applications, the LR 11000 is a feasible option. On equal footing with almost any tower crane, this machine can lift 1000 t. It has a maximum lift height of 176 m to boot. The largest and strongest model in this range, is the LR 13000. This crane can handle a load of 3000 t and lift it to a maximum of 196 m.

Kanu Equipment has an all-inclusive range of cranes to choose from. Liebherr’s range of lattice-boom crawler-track cranes can function as mobile tower cranes for your business. Please peruse our website for more details on these models or contact us with any queries.