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Road Construction Equipment – Africa

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Road Construction Equipment in Africa

In Africa, the road-construction industry is very competitive and poses different challenges. New roads are built and old roads are rehabilitated daily. With various steps to follow when constructing a brand-new road, it helps having ideal equipment at your side. Road-construction equipment is large and heavy machinery in general. They can do proper soil and rock compaction before an initial road surface is laid, so that the ground beneath the new road can serve as a stable foundation.

Kanu Equipment offers an extensive range of road-construction equipment for businesses in Africa. The basics of constructing brand-new roads start with soil compaction. Natural ground can provide stable road foundations in certain scenarios, but should the ground be soft and loose, the answer lies with a soil compactor. Soil compactors have a very important role in road construction. Laying a foundation for a building is a critically important step. The same principle applies to roads; without a stable foundation, the road is bound to crumble, crack, and eventually deteriorate to an undrivable state. This can be avoided with solid foundation work.

Once the soil is compacted, it needs to be stabilised. The stabilisation process involves adding a stabiliser to the compacted soil. This is usually cement, and in rare cases, lime. Once the soil is stabilised, the initial foundation process is complete. Rollers offer a functional way of compacting and stabilising the foundation as well. However, these machines can run into trouble on adhesive or wet soils. Therefore, adding cement is an effective way to stabilise compacted soil. Once the cement dries, the soil is flat and hard enough for the initial layer of road. Cutting an optimal route through the scenery is also part and parcel of road construction. This process involves finding an ideal path for laying the road upon.

Base-Layer Construction

The base layers of brand-new roads create the founding layer for the final surfaces. Outstanding bearing capacity is a requirement for these layers as well. Weather conditions will also play a role; therefore, the base layers should be able to withstand climatic change to minimise shrinkage and expansion. This is accomplished through proper compaction and stabilisation for every base layer. It also results in a quality road that lasts for decades. Kanu Equipment offers a wall-to-wall selection of road construction equipment. Our selection will provide you with the required machines to get the job done.

Once the base layers are compacted, stabilised, and in place, the next step is asphalt paving. This process requires in-depth planning and precise execution. The asphalt mix must be managed accordingly and should ensure that enough mix is always available and on site. The mix may not dry prematurely and this requires proper time management throughout the entire asphalt paving process. Large machinery is required to cover the entirety of the new road. Once the asphalt is laid, the compaction process can commence. Compacting the asphalt is crucial to the stability and loadbearing capability of the new road.

Asphalt compacting is the final step in new road construction. It results in a stable road and a smooth driving surface. Every previous process comes together once the asphalt is compacted. If the job is perfectly done, the new road will be smooth and stable, with optimal loadbearing ability. Road construction takes careful planning and precise execution. You don’t have to worry about the machinery though; just let Kanu Equipment’s selection of road construction machinery provide the necessary tools. Kanu Equipment covers a large part of the African continent. Road-construction machinery is only one of our many areas of specialisation. We also offer road-rehabilitation machinery for damaged roads. Africa is accustomed to old and damaged roads. This can hinder transportation and cause damage to vehicles and goods. If you are in the road-rehabilitation business, Kanu Equipment can supply the machinery. We offer asphalt production solutions to complete our range of road-construction services. Our coverage reaches across Africa and makes us a good option for businesses on the continent. We also offer other industrial machinery solutions for mining, forestry, and agriculture.

Kanu Equipment has a wide selection of road construction machinery. Our selection gives your business the necessary machines to successfully construct new roads and rehabilitate old and damaged ones as well. If you want more information, please browse our website for details. Choose Kanu Equipment today, and we will supply the industrial machinery for your requirements.