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Tractors for Sale from Kanu Equipment

Africa is filled with farms. A large variety of farming equipment is needed to succeed in agriculture and one of the most commonly used ones brings us to tractors. These machines offer versatility and can perform a plethora of tasks around the farm. The tractor’s diesel engine does not focus on outright power, but lots of torque, and this enables a tractor to easily pull heavy equipment.

Kanu Equipment offers an extensive range of tractors for sale in Africa. Our selection includes agricultural tractors from Case IH, as well as articulated and haulage tractors from Bell. We also supply aftermarket parts for all our machinery. A tractor usually serves as the workhorse on a farm and it is the farmer’s vehicle of choice for pulling equipment such as irrigation racks and heavy ploughs. These machines are used when preparing soil and irrigating crops. Today, we will have a brief look at the selection of tractors Kanu Equipment offers for sale.

The Right Tractor for the Job

With an abundance of tractor designs available on the market today, it is important to choose the right tractors for your farm. Our range of Case IH tractors includes models that are intended for narrow plantations. These tractors have narrow bodies and wheels for optimal manoeuvrability in plantations. The Quantum V/N series has 12 models to choose from, ranging from 65 to 106 hp. If you want a tractor that is a good all-round option, the Farmall ranges deliver just what you need. These models are good for hauling farm equipment.

For a heavy-duty approach, the Magnum ranges are available in a couple of options. These tractors can haul large and heavy ploughs and irrigation racks. The Magnum Rowtrac series replaces the rear wheels with crawler tracks. This adds more stability and all-terrain ability to these models. The Magnum Rowtrac series features five models, ranging from 311 to 379 hp. In the Steiger and Quadtrac series, we offer a selection of large double-wheeled tractors for sale. They feature 4WD chassis to ensure optimal traction at all times. They are a sound choice for heavy-duty farming applications.

Kanu Equipment offers various tractors for sale. We also have a selection of other useful farm equipment and machinery in our line-up. For more details on these models, feel free to peruse our website. Kanu covers a large part of the African continent and can offer solutions for your industrial needs. Choose us as your supplier in Africa and gain access to quality industrial machinery for your business today.