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Wirtgen Equipment from Kanu

Mining and construction are both very demanding industries for fleet machinery. The machines these industries use are designed to fulfil certain functions on site. Accordingly, their specialist functions mean they come in weird and wonderful designs. Commonly, these machines must deal with a range of earthmoving and excavating tasks.

For construction and mining, compacting machines are also very useful. When compacting a surface, a strong foundation is created with the compacted surface material. Wirtgen offers a selection of compactors that can perform this task efficiently. Compactors are commonly used for road-construction purposes. They are also used for compacting surfaces on construction sites after excavation. Compactors do their job with large front- or rear-mounted rollers that push down on the surface beneath. These large rollers exert a great force, compacting the surface to reduce any possible movement. Once the surface area is compacted to meet the specified requirements, construction can start. Today, we will delve into some detail on Kanu’s selection of Wirtgen compactors.

As mentioned before, compactors can be used for many different applications besides compacting surfaces for road construction. These machines can also be used to compact rocks and smooth out uneven terrain. Kanu Equipment offers a selection of Wirtgen surface compactors that can perform this function. Wirtgen’s Hamm compactors feature a compact body design with a front-mounted roller drum. We offer a selection of three models in this range, starting with the H20i. This machine has an operating weight of 20 t and a roller drum with a width of 2140 mm.

It is available in two additional variants, namely the H20i P and H20i C models. Both these models are slightly different from the standard H20i, each meeting specific application requirements. Kanu also features a selection of other Wirtgen equipment. Staying with mining and construction sectors, we offer Kleeman mobile screen plants that are ideal for mining applications. This range includes double- and triple-deck vibration screening units to fit your business’s requirements.

Finally, Kanu offers the mobile Wirtgen Surface Miner. This crawler-track machine has a unique body design to cater for its wide range of functions. The 4200 SM Wirtgen surface miner has a cutting width of 4200 mm, as the name suggests. It features a conveyor system with a cutting depth that reaches up to 650 mm. The engine produces more than 1100 kW to ensure that this large machine can perform effective surface mining.

For more information on Kanu’s selection of Wirtgen equipment, please peruse our website. Choose Kanu Equipment today for all your industrial-machinery needs in Africa.