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Construction Equipment Suppliers

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Partner with One of South Africa’s Leading Suppliers of Innovative Construction Equipment

For many years, Kanu Equipment has led the way forward in our industry. We are a leading supplier of construction equipment in South Africa. Our company’s footprint also extends to other parts of the continent, and we have grown to become one of the largest dealers for Liebherr and Bell Equipment in West and Central Africa. What’s more, we also have distribution centres throughout the continent and continue to raise the standard of excellence in the industry with our advanced operations. Continue reading

Mobile Cranes

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Getting the Most from Your Mobile Crane Investment

Mobile cranes remain one of the most useful pieces of construction equipment available in the industry today. These highly versatile and mobile pieces of equipment can travel from site to site with ease. You can move them across rough terrain surfaces, should the need arise, and they are particularly useful when space or access is an issue. Continue reading

Agricultural Forklifts

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Harnessing the Power of Forklifts in Agriculture

Forklifts are incredibly powerful and useful heavy lifting equipment used in manufacturing facilities, agricultural warehouses and distribution points, among many other locations where heavy material handling is involved. Choosing the correct forklift for your business’s needs is vital in ensuring that you receive the best value for money and the greatest returns on your investment. Continue reading

Earthmoving Equipment

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Grow Your Business with Innovative Earthmoving Equipment

Contractors and construction companies need various types of earthmoving equipment from one project to the next. There are so many different types of earthmovers ideal for dealing with various materials, including rock, asphalt, rubbish and concrete. Thanks to incredible innovation in the earthmoving equipment sector over the past two decades, this equipment technology has become even more affordable and accessible to small to medium sized companies, allowing smaller enterprises to compete directly with larger construction companies. Continue reading

Crawler Excavators

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Know the Different Types of Crawler Excavators and Attachments

With so many different types of excavators available on the market, you can look forward to getting the right type of equipment that you need to take your business into the future. However, it can also quickly become inundating when trying to find the best equipment for your company’s needs. One of the best ways in which to ensure that you make a wise purchasing decision is to educate yourself on the many different options available. Continue reading

Agriculture Equipment Supplier

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Enjoy Greater Value for Money from South Africa’s Leading Agricultural Equipment Supplier

Some of South Africa’s leading agricultural players look to Kanu Equipment for us to provide them with the very latest innovations in agriculture equipment. This is in part the reason why we have risen to become one of the leading agricultural equipment suppliers in the southern African region, as well as across the rest of the continent. We are proud of our long history of service in the industry, and have helped many of South Africa’s farmers and agricultural businesses meet the modern challenges that come with farming on the continent. Continue reading

Road Construction Equipment

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Find Durable and Reliable Road Construction Equipment at Kanu Equipment

Road construction is on the rise in Africa and projects can only be spurred on and completed according to schedule by construction teams making use of the right road construction equipment. It is vitally important that for the safety and the longevity of equipment, the right units are purchased for the project or task at hand. Also, all road construction machinery and equipment must be well maintained and regularly serviced, in order to avoid potential injury or death during operation.


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Find Quality and Well-priced Agriculture Equipment Online

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Some would say that the best way to shop for agriculture equipment is online and we certainly agree. This form of shopping around provides you with the opportunity to create a shortlist of the best brands and models on the market, and to actually carry out efficient comparisons. Comparisons are vital in this particular industry. Finding quality and durable equipment that offers value for money is of the utmost importance when it comes to heavy duty equipment for any purpose. At Kanu Equipment, we offer a range of agricultural equipment that is mostly used on sugar plantations.


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Tips for Maintaining Your Earthmoving Equipment

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We all know that earthmoving equipment doesn’t come cheap. In fact, if you are in the construction industry or something similar, where earthmoving is plays an integral role, your equipment is a long-term investment that must be properly looked after. One of the most important reasons for carrying out continued maintenance on your earthmoving equipment is to ensure that no one on your team gets injured or even worse, suffers death.


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