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Earthmoving Equipment from the Experts

Earthmoving is a part of construction and mining operations. The basics of earthmoving consist of altering the natural state of a given surface area. This is commonly done through ground excavation. Excavation is digging trenches to lay foundations and perform other necessary tasks in the industrial sector. Once the ground is excavated, it needs to be transported. Earthmoving loaders offer an effective solution to moving loose ground. These machines are commonly used for mining and construction purposes.

The functions of any earthmoving machine should not be limited be the surfaces they travel on. Therefore, crawler tracks are used to grant all-terrain mobility to these machines. Certain types use large wheels for traction; therefore, it makes sense to employ a crawler model for tough and challenging terrain. Kanu Equipment offers an irrefragable selection of earthmoving machinery. Our selection includes wheeled and crawler models to fit your requirements. Today, we will cover some of our ranges and their capabilities.

Earthmoving Machinery from Kanu Equipment

Excavators and loaders play a dominant role in earthmoving projects. We start with our selection of crawler-track loaders from Liebherr. These machines are hydrostatically driven and powered by diesel engines. The engines are mounted on the rear of the chassis for optimal weight distribution. This also optimises the front visibility for the operator. We feature three models in this range. These machines have a top speed of 10 km/h to keep it stable while carrying a load in the front-mounted bucket. The range begins at the LR 624 Litronic.

The LR 624 produces 141 hp from its diesel engine. Its bucket capacity is up to 1,8 m³ when fully loaded. This makes for a feasible solution for relocating excavated ground. The next model in this range is the LR 626. It has an improved power output of 173 hp and it also features a larger bucket that can hold up to 2,4 m³ when fully loaded. The range is rounded off with the LR 634. This model features the same power output and bucket size as the LR 626; however, it offers a larger and heavier chassis for optimal stability. Using crawler tracks, these machines can traverse almost any terrain. This grants versatility and optimal maneuverability on site.

We also offer crawler track excavators from Liebherr. These machines are tailor-made and have a variety of attachments to suit your requirements. This extensive range of machines cover a spectrum of power outputs and operating weights. This allows you to get the ideal model for your preferences. The R920 Litronic kicks off this selection of equipment. This crawler excavator has an operating weight of 21 t. It has a backhoe bucket capacity of up to 1,25 m³. Its engine produces 147 hp to power this prime example of earthmoving machinery.

The range goes through several sizes to finally reach the biggest model – the R 980. The R 980 has an operating weight of 102 t and produces a powerful 536 hp as well. With a backhoe bucket capacity of up to 6,8 m³, this earthmoving machine is versatile and functional on any site. For detailed information on our earthmoving machinery, please browse our website or contact us today. Choose Kanu Equipment for a complete range of earthmoving equipment for your business in Africa.