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Bell Equipment by Kanu

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Bell Equipment

Bell is a leading industrial-vehicle manufacturer that produces equipment used in the industrial sector. Industrial vehicles are usually large and designed specially to meet the requirements of the industry. These requirements include certain functions to optimise a work fleet’s performance, such as having enough loading room to haul large amounts of earth at a time, which is the case with earthmoving equipment. These machines are reinforced to handle heavy loads effectively. Their build and design also maximise the efficiency of the vehicle.

Bell equipment is built with decades of experience and expertise. Therefore, when you see a large yellow dump truck with the iconic Bell logo on it, you are assured of its quality and ability. Kanu Equipment offers a selection of Bell equipment for sale in Africa. The industrial sector on the continent offers uniquely challenging work conditions and, as a result, it is imperative to have the best machinery at your disposal. If you are looking to add Bell equipment to your fleet, Kanu Equipment can deliver. Today, we will glance over some of our options for Bell industrial vehicles in Africa.

Bell Dump Trucks

Articulated dump trucks are vehicles used for earthmoving purposes. The mining and construction industries are key industries where these trucks shine. With the ability to carry large loads, the trucks are irreplaceable when earthmoving is part of the picture. Kanu Equipment offers a range of Bell articulated dump trucks to ensure that your business can take advantage of these machines. Our range offers some of the best vehicles in terms of off-road ability, as well as comfort and easy operation. There is more than meets the eye on these articulated dump trucks. Bell optimises the trucks to offer superb versatility and they adapt to their work environment. They also feature a useful onboard weighing function with remote production monitoring to ensure that the operator does not overload the vehicle. To add to the functionality, there must be enough power for when these machines are fully loaded and therefore, they must have engines able to generate more than enough torque to move such a large and heavily loaded industrial vehicle. Luckily, Bell knows their articulated dump trucks.

The series starts with the B18E. Although it might be the smallest dump truck in this series, it is still a force to be reckoned with. Both the B18E and its larger counterpart, the B20E, produce 160 kW and 810 N⋅m of torque. Although the gross power output of 160 kW may not seem that high, the vehicle produces more than enough torque to generate the force needed to propel its laden weight; both these machines can handle a rated payload of 18 t. Therefore, they are viable solutions for mining and construction businesses in Africa. If you need a bigger model, there are more models in the range of Bell articulated dump trucks. The B30E offers a rated payload of 28 t. This piece of Bell equipment produces 240 kW, but the most impressive figure is the torque of the engine; with a gross torque output of 1300 N⋅m, the B30E is ready to move mountains of dirt. Articulated dump trucks are designed to handle large loads at once. Therefore, ease of operation includes giving the operator the power from the engine to push ahead without hesitation. The B30E certainly delivers on that front.

This range of Bell Equipment actually offers nine different models to choose from. The largest in the series brings us to the B50E and B60E models. Both these models are optimised for heavy-duty applications. They produce 430 kW of gross power. This power translates into 2750 N⋅m of torque, which is a huge amount and makes for easy hauling. This large torque output allows the B50E to carry 45,4 t and the B60E 55 t. Therefore, fewer trips are required to move more earth with these huge vehicles. Bell’s range of articulated dump trucks offers quality mining and construction equipment for your business to take advantage of.

Kanu Equipment is a proud supplier of Bell equipment in Africa. We also supply aftermarket parts for these industrial machines, giving you the peace of mind that your machinery can be properly maintained. For more information of our selection of Bell equipment, feel free to peruse our website. Choose Kanu Equipment today and let your industrial business in Africa soar to new heights.

Berco Parts

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Berco Aftermarket Parts

Earthmoving machinery are some of the most frequently used machines in the industrial sector. They are useful for excavating and transporting earth on construction sites, mining sites, and almost any other industrial site with similar requirements. Dump trucks are an excellent example of large industrial-grade earthmoving equipment. These machines feature a large rear-mounted loading bin to carry big loads to dumping spots. But they need to be able to execute the task at hand reliably. If you need undercarriage parts for your earthmoving machinery, Berco can be of assistance.

Hundreds of mechanical parts are used on earthmoving machinery and these parts invariably wear over time. Their undercarriages also experience high loads, dealing with the weight of the machine and its load. Kanu Equipment is a supplier of industrial machinery in Africa. We also supply a selection of aftermarket parts for various industrial machines, including Berco undercarriage parts for earthmoving vehicles. Berco has been in the business since 1920, giving them a century of experience in the area. As a result, their products are of high quality, carrying a warranty that matches the original equipment manufacturer’s part warranty.

The company puts its focus on their 50-300-t earthmoving-machine parts. By using specially developed technology to manufacture these parts, Berco has become one of the leading parts manufacturers in the business. As a result, industry is confident to install these parts on their machines. The knowledge of a century of experience in manufacturing undercarriage parts for earthmoving vehicles is clearly visible in the quality of their products and machinery. Through quality comes brand conviction for customers. In other words, businesses can trust the Berco brand to supply quality products for their earthmoving machines.

Kanu Equipment offers a wide selection of earthmoving machinery as well. We offer an all-encompassing range of Liebherr machines to choose from. These include crawler loaders, excavators, tractors, and bulldozers, to only mention a few options. Crawler-track machines are usually an excellent choice for earthmoving equipment. The crawler tracks allow these vehicles to cross over and operate on almost any surface. Therefore, they are versatile options for a variety of industries.

Kanu Equipment is a supplier of Berco undercarriage parts for earthmoving equipment in Africa. We also offer a large selection of industrial machinery for your business. Our website features complete listings and details on all our available machines and parts suppliers. If you have any further questions, please contact Kanu directly and let us give your business the necessary support. Choose Kanu today and take advantage of our quality products in Africa.

Earthmoving Experts

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Earthmoving Equipment from the Experts

Earthmoving is a part of construction and mining operations. The basics of earthmoving consist of altering the natural state of a given surface area. This is commonly done through ground excavation. Excavation is digging trenches to lay foundations and perform other necessary tasks in the industrial sector. Once the ground is excavated, it needs to be transported. Earthmoving loaders offer an effective solution to moving loose ground. These machines are commonly used for mining and construction purposes.

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Earthmoving Equipment for Sale

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Serious Earthmoving Equipment

When it comes to earthmoving equipment, the first thought that springs to mind is big machinery, able to dig into the ground, bulldoze their way through rocks and cliffs, and shape the earth into the curves and surfaces needed for construction work. With such an active earthmoving industry in Africa, thanks to the large amount of mines and construction industries on the continent, Kanu Equipment offers a variety of earthmoving equipment for sale. Having the ideal set of tools is necessary for any earthmoving endeavour, and with Kanu Equipment on your side, you will always have a wide range of earthmoving equipment to choose from and get the job done in time.

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