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Supplying Mobile Cranes

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Your Mobile Cranes Supplier

Mobile cranes are used by businesses in the industrial sector. These machines are useful in construction as mobile lifting equipment. Versatility is their focus, a mobile crane being a machine that can lift all sorts of loads on the construction site. The purpose of a crane is to lift all manner of heavy items and materials that would otherwise be too heavy to move any other way. Stationary tower cranes may be ideal for large-scale applications but are an overkill for many construction sites.

Mobile cranes, on the other hand, offer viable solutions for many of these construction businesses. These machines are available in a spectrum of designs and lifting-capacity ratings. The different designs allow for varied applications on the construction site. Crawler-track mobile cranes are ideal for reaching tough spots, as they can traverse almost any surface. Rough-terrain cranes are versatile and easy to manoeuvre, with chunky tread on their tyres to deal with off-road conditions. Telescopic booms are also available, bringing a different dynamic to lifting and transporting on site.

Mobility and Lifting Functionality

Kanu Equipment offers a large selection of mobile cranes for the industrial market in Africa. Our selection covers everything from light- to heavy-duty options that can take your business to new heights. Construction is a demanding and ever-expanding business in Africa. Therefore, having the ideal set of machines in your fleet is not just necessary, but critical. Our selection includes LTR telescopic-boom crawler-track mobile cranes. These cranes are specifically designed for optimised mobility while lifting and holding a full load on the boom. With the crawler tracks underneath the machine, it can easily traverse most surfaces.

Telescopic booms offer precise pickup and lifting ability. With a solid boom to hold the weight, their lift ratings are suitable for medium- to heavy-duty applications. The LTR telescopic crawler mobile cranes, as available from Kanu Equipment, have all the features that you need . They are fast to set up on site and easy to operate while carrying a full load on the boom. The range starts with LTR 1060. This mobile crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 60 t, which is held by its 50-m telescopic boom.

The LTR 1100 has a 52-m boom attached to its body. Its maximum lifting capacity is 100 t, and a lifting height of 83 m can be reached. The largest model in the range brings us to the LTR 1220. This machine has a boom of 60 m long that can hold a total of 220 t. The boom can reach a maximum lift height of 101 m as well, increasing its versatility even further. One of these LTR telescopic mobile cranes can be a huge asset to your work fleet.

Kanu Equipment offers a spectrum of mobile cranes for sale in Africa. We also offer industrial machinery for earthmoving, mining, and agricultural applications. For more information, please peruse our website for detailed specifications on every machine. We also supply aftermarket parts to give you assurance that we have solutions for all your industrial-machinery needs in Africa. Choose Kanu Equipment today and let us give you the necessary tools to take your business to the next level.