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Tractors For Sale

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Tractors for Sale from Kanu Equipment

Africa is filled with farms. A large variety of farming equipment is needed to succeed in agriculture and one of the most commonly used ones brings us to tractors. These machines offer versatility and can perform a plethora of tasks around the farm. The tractor’s diesel engine does not focus on outright power, but lots of torque, and this enables a tractor to easily pull heavy equipment.

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Versatile Mobile Cranes

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Mobile Cranes for Every Terrain

 Mobile cranes are used in construction. They combine the lifting capability of a regular crane with the mobility of a construction vehicle. Mobile cranes are excellent additions to a fleet of construction vehicles and they deliver stable platforms for lifting. Mobile lifting equipment has evolved over the years and the result is that there is a plethora of machine designs for various requirements. Some mobile lifting equipment is all-terrain-capable.

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Road Construction Equipment – Africa

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Road Construction Equipment in Africa

In Africa, the road-construction industry is very competitive and poses different challenges. New roads are built and old roads are rehabilitated daily. With various steps to follow when constructing a brand-new road, it helps having ideal equipment at your side. Road-construction equipment is large and heavy machinery in general. They can do proper soil and rock compaction before an initial road surface is laid, so that the ground beneath the new road can serve as a stable foundation.

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Earthmoving Experts

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Earthmoving Equipment from the Experts

Earthmoving is a part of construction and mining operations. The basics of earthmoving consist of altering the natural state of a given surface area. This is commonly done through ground excavation. Excavation is digging trenches to lay foundations and perform other necessary tasks in the industrial sector. Once the ground is excavated, it needs to be transported. Earthmoving loaders offer an effective solution to moving loose ground. These machines are commonly used for mining and construction purposes.

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Mining and Construction Equipment

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Mining and Construction Equipment for Africa

Mining and construction are both very active industries on the African continent. Africa offers rich soil that is conducive to mining and agricultural operations. Construction sites are a natural result of development projects on the continent. With these thriving industries, the demand for the correct equipment is obvious. Kanu Equipment meets that demand with an all-encompassing range of machinery for these industries. Mining and construction commonly include earthmoving as well and this creates a need for loading vehicles in both sectors.

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Quality Tower Cranes

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Find Top-Quality Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are used to lift very heavy loads. This ability makes them popular in heavy-duty industrial applications. The concept of cranes is simple, yet effective, and counterbalanced cranes date back to ancient times. Since then, cranes have been continuously refined. Though the modern crane looks nothing like the original model, it still works on the same counterbalance principle. This optimises the crane’s lifting capability and stability while dealing with heavy loads.

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Agriculture Equipment Ranges

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The Biggest Range of Equipment for Agriculture

Agriculture is a major industry on the African continent. The rich soil gives farmers ample arable land for planting crops and raising livestock. Any farmer will confirm that agriculture needs quality equipment to do the job. With such a large agriculture industry in Africa, the demand is high for these types of machines. Tractors are commonly used on farms because they are so adaptable, and they are used to haul various loads around the farm. They are also useful for towing irrigation racks, ploughs, and several other farming equipment. Therefore, tractor engines should produce enough torque to deliver enough pulling force.

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Forestry in Africa

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Forestry in Africa – and All the Equipment You Need

Africa offers many forestry opportunities and it is a thriving industry on the continent. Due to the popularity of wood, forestry as an industry will keep thriving until there are practical and affordable alternatives. Nature provides us with a plethora of different woods and these woods have certain characteristics that make them ideal for different forms of manufacturing. Furniture and musical instruments are only some of the many examples of how wood is used for manufacturing; wood is also used for building houses and shelters.

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Mobile Cranes

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Mobile Cranes for Africa

When it comes to mobile cranes, nobody can deny their efficiency on a construction yard and other places where strong lifting equipment can make a huge difference. Mobile cranes add mobility to their lifting ability, granting them even more benefits for use over a broader field of applications. The African industrial sector is large and plays host to various industries including mining, forestry, and construction, all of which are industries where mobile cranes lend a helping hand. Should you be looking for a supplier of mobile cranes in Africa, Kanu Equipment offers a selection to choose from.

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Liebherr Dealer

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Liebherr Dealer in Africa

Industrial machinery is a necessity for any industrial business in Africa, delivering the necessary machinery for specific work environments and industries such as construction, forestry, and mining. Having the ideal set of tools for the job at hand is critical for any business, allowing optimised performance and efficiency throughout a regular workday. Mobile cranes play an important role in various industries in Africa, delivering versatile and functional machinery to deal with a wide range of implementations effectively and safely.

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